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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Do I have to take my clothes off?


A: No  It is very important to be able to relax during your massage therefore, your comfort is most important.  Some techniques are easier when oil can be used so not having clothing in the way is better but not necessary.



Q:  Should I eat before a massage?


A:  Yes A light meal or snack is recommended.  A large meal may upset the stomach while receiving a massage.



Q: Should I drink water after a massage?


A:  Yes Massages help to break down and release the toxins that collect in our bodies, especially our tight muscles.  It is important to flush the toxins out of our system to prevent feeling fluish, headachy, or stiff.


Q:  Does My Time For Massage offer “Erotic Massage”?


A:  NO!  We are a legitimate massage therapy office.  Our massages are for relaxation and/or therapy.  For a “happy ending” we recommend a Disney movie.



Q:  Does a massage have to hurt to work?


A:  No.  Although to get the “knots” out it may take a bit of pressure. The most important thing is that you can relax through the session.  If the pressure is too painful your body will tense up to protect itself from the discomfort.  This will prevent the muscle from releasing.  Let your therapist know if the pressure being used is too hard for you liking or too soft. 



Please contact us if you have any further questions.



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